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Town of Danvers
Incorporated 1757 -The King Unwilling

Street Division

1 Division Supervisor, 1 Operations Clerk, 1 Senior Foreman, 1 Landfill Foreman, 1 Foreman, 1 Mason Foreman, 1 Traffic Foreman, 3 Heavy Equipment Operators, 1 Senior Mason, 1 Scalehouse Operator, 1 Sweeper Operator, 2 Equipment Operators, 1 Heavy Truck Driver. 


  • Maintain 120 miles of roadway

  • Sweep 240 curb miles of roadway on a program basis.

  • Install and maintain approximately 4,671 street and traffic regulatory signs and over 65 miles of traffic markings.

  • Repair and upgrade over 150 miles of sidewalks.

  • Provide snow and ice control for 120 miles of roadway and 38 miles of sidewalk.

  • Clean over 5000 catch basins, 100 miles of storm drains and 300 outlets to streams and brooks.

  • Oversee refuse collection, disposal, and recycling of approximately 13,000 to 14,000 tons of refuse per year.

  • Provide service to other departments as requested such as masonry service , rubbish collection and snow plowing.


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