High School Addition and Renovation Project

In December 2004, after the decision had been made to renovate the Holten Richmond School as a middle school, the Board of Selectmen named a Working Group to study  the long term planning consideration for the High School. The Committee worked with Dale Gienapp of Gienapp Design.

With the creation of the Massachusetts School Building Authority and concerns about the accreditation of the High School by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the Board of Selectmen named the Danvers High School Planning Advisory Committee in April 2006. It was hoped that the recommendations from the Committee on how to move forward on the High School project would coincide with the issuance of regulations from the newly formed MSBA. In September 2007 a report was issued that identified three requests to the Town Manager. they included:

  • Hiring of a Project Manager for the renovation of the High School
  • Structural analysis of the North and South Core of the High School
  • Appointment of a School Building Committee in compliance with MSBA regulations.

The Project Management firm of Construction Monitoring Services was hired, a structural analysis of the North and South Core was completed and, in April 2009 the first meeting of the Danvers Construction Advisory Committee was held.

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