Sign Up for our Peak Savings Program

Lower your electric bill and earn gift cards by taking part in our Peak Savings Program.

Electricity use is highest in the summer when everyone is using their air conditioner or swimming pool to beat the heat. But we need your  help to keep our electrical systems running efficiently on the hottest summer days.

Sign up at www.peaksavingsprogram.com and we’ll send you an email alert 24 hours before a peak event occurs. Click “YES” in the email to let us know that you’re participating. For each verified  reduction in your electricity use, we’ll send you a $10 Amazon.com gift card via email. Use our How to Save plans to make the biggest impact and earn a gift card. Thanks for your help!


ELECTRIC DIVISION'S MISSION STATEMENT:  Danvers Electric is committed to providing high quality, reliable and affordable electricity and other related services to its customers.  We strive for operational and customer service excellence through the efforts of town officials and our dedicated employees.

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Online Account FAQs
Click here for answers regarding how to set up an online electric account.
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