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Town of Danvers
Incorporated 1757 -The King Unwilling

Home Energy Evaluation Tools

*NEW* Appliance Calculator

This web-based tool provides residents another opportunity to better understand their electric bill and the costs associated with running various appliances within their homes. This "calculator” contains up to 80 residential appliances, including microwaves, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, etc. Residents can see the cost of running an appliance and in some cases compare that to EnergyStar alternatives.

      Danvers Appliance Calculator  


*NEW* - Light Bulb Finder

In the coming year, take advantage of new technology to help residents save energy. Available as a free download on iPhone and Android mobile phones, the Light Bulb Finder app makes it easy for households to switch from incandescent to energy-efficient light bulbs with the right fit, style and light quality.

As users walk through their homes entering basic information on their smartphones about current light bulbs and fixtures, they receive on-the-spot recommendations for energy-efficient equivalents. The app displays bulb images, prices, savings, and environmental impact. Users can create their own shopping lists and buy energy-efficient bulbs directly through the app or at local stores.

Visit for more information.


Home Energy Saver

A good place to begin saving money on your residential energy costs is to take a home energy evaluation using the Department of Energy sponsored Home Energy Saver (HES) web application:

 DOE Home Energy Saver

“HES recommends energy-saving upgrades that are appropriate to the home and make sense for the home climate and local energy prices. The money invested in these upgrades commonly earns “interest” in the form of energy bill savings, at an annual rate of 20% or more (see examples). HES also estimates the home’s carbon footprint and shows how much it can be reduced.

Results appear on the COMPARE page, where users can see their existing home’s current energy profile compared to that with the recommended package of energy saving upgrades. Lots of “fill-down” reports are available for more detail.

The UPGRADES pages provide a tailored list of recommendations—ranked by payback time. Users can vary the energy efficiency assumptions in many cases, as well as the upgrade costs and then recalculate the results. The results can be viewed on line or via a customizable printable report that includes upgrade descriptions and other details, and include links to additional information.”


Home Energy Audit

Any residential customer that wishes to take their energy audit to the next level can schedule a FREE on-site Home Energy Audit. Danvers Electric offers a FREE Home Energy Audit to any residential customer.  The Energy Advisor (EA) will schedule a time to visit your home that is convenient for you.  The EA will help to identify any number of steps you can take to maximize your energy usage and ultimately reduce your energy bills.

Please call Sally Creeden in the Business Division at 978-774-0005 x634 to see if an Energy Audit is right for you.

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